MSC Cruises CEO Briefs Media on Health and Safety Protocols

The MSC ships will also have enhanced medical facilities and services, highly qualified, trained staff and equipment to test, evaluate and treat those suspected of having COVID-19.

Guests who have symptoms of the virus will receive free treatment at the onboard medical center. Dedicated isolation staterooms will be available to enable isolation of any suspected cases and close contacts.

Ongoing health monitoring will also be conducted throughout the cruise. Guests and crew will have their temperature checked daily either when they return from ashore or at dedicated stations around the ship to monitor the health status of every guest and crew member. 

Shoreside Changes

During this initial phase of operations, guests will only go ashore as part of an organized MSC Cruises’ excursion, which will have the same standards of health and safety as what the line provides onboard.

“We will ensure that transfers are properly sanitized and that there is adequate space,” the line’s press release said. Tour guides and drivers will also undergo health screening and will wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

A contingency response plan will be activated if a suspected case is identified, in close cooperation with the national health authorities. The suspected case and close contacts will follow isolation measures and may be disembarked, according to local and national regulations.  

MSC COVID-19 Protection Plan

MSC Cruises has introduced a new “MSC COVID-19 Protection Plan” to provide guests with additional peace of mind for the summer cruises. This will cover the guest if they become infected prior to their departure if they are not able to travel, during the cruise for medical expenses and after the cruise if the guest falls sick. 

The MSC COVID-19 Protection Plan is currently available only to guests from Schengen countries. In addition to this, guests should also choose their usual travel and health insurance coverage.

Other Key Processes

Should guests worry they’ll be put in a 14-day quarantine (as a group) even with only one case of COVID-19 onboard? “Definitely, not,” said Onorato, citing three key processes that the line is doing for every port.

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