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1 SAVE Spa Venice Marco Polo Airport 2010 Q1 Results Save Group May

2 Table of contents Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4 Section 5 Group overview Airport Management (SBU1) Infrastructure Management (SBU2) Food & Beverage and Retail (SBU3) Financial Highlights 2

3 Section 1 Group overview 3

4 Group Overview A Company listed on the Italian Stock Exchange market Mission To be a leading service provider for travellers managing three different areas of business: airport management transport infrastructure management food & beverage and retail To manage the different Business Units in an innovative way, with high responsibility and integrity, aiming at developing the territory which it serves; To manage all the three business units in an integrated way in order to anticipate the travellers needs as they pass through the infrastructures we manage. Vision To become a mobility player offering high quality services. SAVE value chain focuses its attention on the passenger: Traveller Mobility Value To increase the time value of travellers during their stay in airports and in the other mobility infrastructures: Pleasant travel experience 4

5 Group Overview Save s Main Strategic Guidelines To grow its position in the airport management business; To develop and extend its management activities in the transport infrastructure sector, utilising the know-how and skills learned in the airport business; To develop and extend its range of services, such as its food & beverage and retail management activities, into other sectors involving passenger and cargo. Growth through Maximizing the potential of existing ventures; Selective acquisition of other airport concessions; Progressive acquisition of additional F&B and retail concession through tenders, direct negotiations or acquisition of competitors; Acquisition of companies active in the transport infrastructure management. 5

6 Group Overview Save Group recent history SAVE GROUP IMPLEMENTS NEW STRATEGIES SAVE Group exits ground handling activities in Venice Airport; New air terminal as well as cargo warehouse are opened in Venice Airport; SAVE Group enters the food & beverage and retail business through its new subsidiary Airport Elite. SAVE Group acquires 40% stake in Centostazioni (a company managing 103 medium size Italian railway stations) SAVE GROUP IS LISTED IN THE ITALIAN STOCK EXCHANGE MARKET (MTA) 2005 IPO in the Milan Stock Exchange (SAVE.MI), trough an increase of capital of 160 mln; SAVE Group acquires more than 10% of Gemina Spa share capital, an Italian Company that owns 51% of ADR (Aeroporti di Roma) share capital. SAVE GROUP CONSOLIDATES ITS GROWTH STRATEGY SAVE Group acquires 100% of AIREST share capital from Austrian Airlines (2006) and then sells its Catering divisions focusing only on the F&B and Retail activities (2007) SAVE Group acquires 100% of RISTOP share capital from Autostrada Brescia Padova (2006); SAVE Group sell its 10% stake of Gemina Spa share capital to Morgan Stanley giving a pre-tax capital gain of 31,5 mln New air terminal is opened in Treviso Airport (2007) and Save Group acquires additional 35% of Aertre (i.e. Treviso Airport) capital share funded through Save shares A TOP FINANCIAL INSTITUTION JOINS THE MAJOR SHAREHOLDER OF SAVE GROUP 2008 Morgan Stanley joins Finanziaria Internazionale and Generali Insurance in the shareholders agreement of Marco Polo Holding (the major shareholder of Save Group), with the aim to participate jointly in the acquisition of airport assets with less than 10 mln pax located in Italy, Europe, Turkey and Middle East; SAVE Group acquires 100% of FFS and ITPS share capital, two companies based in Czech Rep. both operating F&B outlets in Prague Airport SAVE GROUP EXPANDS ABROAD Save Group acquires 27,65% of Charleroi Airport (BSCA) capital share in partnership with Holding Communal Save Group obtains the approval of the Treviso Airport 40 year concession extension by ENAC 6

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