Travel App Solves Traveler Problems with Sustainable Solutions in Venice

California Tech company launches innovative app in Venice, providing on-demand help in walkable cities. Prontopia’s vision for responsible travel and sustainable cities centers on a community model of people helping people.

Los Angeles, CA, May 10, 2018 –(– A Southern California startup company now provides an innovative solution for help getting around walkable city centers easily. The Prontopia App connects travelers with vetted on-demand locals who arrive by foot to provide expert assistance any time the need arises. The locals on the Prontopia app know the best way to get to city lodging and meeting points, or to a departure point on time when door-to-door by car is not an option. Using Prontopia takes the stress out of transitional periods in travel when a smile and knowledgeable support from a Local, as if you are met by a long lost cousin, make all the difference. The app works like Uber, but without cars, with an emphasis on the importance of human connections in the city.Co-founders Davis Brimer and Shannon Kenny chose Venice, Italy, for the launch because it is the quintessential pedestrian city, where truly one must walk to get to where they need to go. In Venice, visitors often encounter stresses that they could not have anticipated until their arrival. Just a little bit of help getting from point A to point B, or finding a simple comfort in a foreign city, goes a long way when traveling abroad.

Davis and Shannon presently come and go between their offices in California and in the very local Santa Croce area of Venice, Italy. A deep dive into building their business from the bottom up, as a community, is at the heart of their plans to grow Prontopia into a global network — a trusted support system for any need one has in city centers.

Today in Venice, an exceptional community of Prontopia Locals enjoys helping visitors to the city with getting where they need to go. Along the way, travelers can learn special details about Venetian life, and discover unique places to eat, shop, and learn about local culture and daily life. The economical service is available for as little as 15 minutes, at a per minute rate that is the equivalent of 20 euro/hour.

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